We take brands and products right through their entire lifecycle.



Our goal at this stage is to help create and grow young business by providing you with necessary support and financial and technical services.

Our offices and services are offered at below-market rates, and our staff supplies advice and much-needed expertise in developing BUSINESS STRATEGIES AND MARKETING PLANS as well as helping to fund and fly fledgling brands and businesses.

We are designed to accelerate the growth and success of companies and brands through an array of business support resources and services that could include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections and always includes Advertising, Branding and Marketing.

Our companies typically spend an average of two years in incubation, during which time they often share telephone, secretarial office, and production equipment expenses with other startup companies in our roster, in an effort to reduce everyone's overhead and operational costs.

From post-inception, infancy or even non-existence, including Corporate ID, Branding, Packaging and Product design, financing and venture capital presentations, organization and raises, and finding the right team to fund, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your venture will not only be a great one, but that it will also gain the proper momentum and interest that it needs.


Speed demons is a term we enjoy, whether you are a startup or a new or larger/existing brand. We handle accelerating success via Advertising and Creative Services which are at the core of who we are and what we do.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does "branding" mean? How does it affect a business like yours?

Simply put, your brand is your promise to the customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors'. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

Are you the innovative maverick in your industry? Or the experienced, reliable one? Is your product the high-cost, high-quality option, or the low-cost, high-value option? Who you are should be based to some extent on who your target customers want and need you to be or perhaps the other way around.

The foundation of your brand is your logo, website, packaging and promotional materials--all of which should integrate your company cause and culture and communicate that affectively to your audience directly causing them to recognize, identify with and appropriately interact with what they will come to know as "you"/"your brand".

We design and build your brand strategy:

Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering on your brand messages. Where you advertise is part of your brand strategy. Your distribution channels are also part of your brand strategy. And what you communicate visually and verbally are part of your brand strategy, too.

Consistent, strategic branding leads to strong "brand equity" meaning a strong connection with your audience and in-turn loyal followers and purchasers of your product.

Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. It requires, at the very least, that you answer the questions below:

What is your company's mission?

What are the benefits and features of your products or services?

What do your customers and prospects already think of your company?

What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?

We do the research. Learn the needs, habits and desires of your current and prospective customers, and we don't rely on what you think they want and need. We start to know what they want and need.

Defining your brand and developing a brand strategy can be complex, and we offer various expertise to make sure that it isn't too much for your company to navigate:

Corporate ID

We deliver a great logo and place it where it matters, along with written and documented brand messaging.

What are the key messages you want to communicate about your brand? Every employee should be aware of your brand attributes and we help make sure that they are by:

Brand Integration

Branding extends to every aspect of your business--how you answer your phones, what you or your salespeople wear, your e-mail signature, everything.

We focus on "Voice" creation for your company that reflects your brand across all channels and apply and incorporate this voice to all written communication, visual imagery and materials, online and off.

Even a well-developed tagline could make all the difference when communicating your message to consumers.

We write memorable, meaningful and concise statements that capture the essence of your brand and design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials.

Brand consistency

If you can't do this, your attempts at establishing a brand will fail. We won't let that happen.

We define and use the same color scheme, logo placement and look and feel throughout to make sure that your brand message is consistent and further back this up by providing coaching on how to continue to preserve personal and brand integrity.

Customers won't return to you--or refer you to someone else--if you don't deliver on your brand promise.

Defining your brand also requires a certain amount of Marketing help and that's why we don't just offer Branding without other pertinent services:



Our marketing department is often seen as of prime importance within the functional level of an organization.

Information from our Marketing department will be used to guide the actions of other department's within a firm, such as the branding department, amongst others. As an example, we would ascertain (via marketing research) that consumers desired a new type of product, or a new usage for an existing product. With this in mind, we would inform the R&D department to create a prototype of a product/service based on consumers' new desires.

The production department would then start to manufacture the product, while we: the marketing department: would focus on the promotion, distribution, pricing, etc. of the product. Additionally, a firm's finance department (either solely or in tandem with our in-house finance and funding resources) would be consulted, with respect to securing appropriate funding for the development, production and promotion of the product.

We then focus and deliver on the 4 p's of your brand:


Whether you sell custom or generic products or provide luxury accommodations, it’s imperative that you have a clear grasp of exactly what your product is and what makes it unique before you can successfully market or brand it. It's also very important that the product is a good one if you want customers to return not once, but many times over.


We make price determinations that will impact profit margins, supply, demand and marketing strategy. Similar (in concept) products and brands may need to be positioned differently based on varying price points. These price elasticity considerations may influence our next two P's.


You've got a branded product positioned at the perfect price and now it’s time to promote it. Promotion looks at the many ways marketing agencies disseminate relevant product information to consumers and differentiate a particular product or service. Promotion includes elements like: advertising, public relations, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing and more. Each touch point must be supported by a well positioned brand to truly maximize return on investment (ROI).


Often you will hear marketers saying that marketing is about putting the right product, at the right price, at the right place, at the right time. It’s critical then, to evaluate what the ideal locations are to convert potential clients into actual clients and we're experts at identifying these platforms. Today, even in situations where the actual transaction doesn’t happen on the web, a critical place potential clients are often preliminarily engaged and converted is online which is why we always design and develop an exceptional website and overall digital/online presence for your product as a home base and with all bells/whistles to communicate to and effectively capture your audience, directly resulting in the conversions you are looking for.

This brings us to another pertinent service we offer:


Business Development has been stretched to encompass a wider variety of activities. In its most traditional definition it is about developing partnerships, which often include marketing and sales channels.

We help to develop and implement these channels directly impacting your bottom line in the most favorable way.

Sometimes we work directly with partners in this trajectory alone, should all their other channels already be established but perhaps they need a bit of tweaking, along with our know-how and contacts to take them to new heights.

Once the sales and business development stage is accomplished, and you're comfortable enough and your staff is trained properly to effectively take the rains, we sigh in relief.

At this point, we either continue as sales consultants and partners, or simply pat you on the butt, eh we mean back, and send you on your very merry way.

Until your next venture, that is.

Being involved in the whole life cycle is most effective, but not imperative:

We can either take you from zero to hero, or jump on board at any stage of your cycle to improve and expand on whatever is already there.

As a company bursting with "creatives" and creativity galore, but also being expertly qualified in project management and detailed execution, we like to further cut our teeth on other verticals, particularly ones that we have a personal and overall interest in, so:



Currently under further development, we produce, source and represent an awesome array of creative products and projects, and offer them to you, either as "available for purchase" or "custom designed" via our online e-store.

Take a look at our cool, trendy, functional, practical and cutting edge products that apply to the WORK/LIVE lifestyle and that represent your own individual style and that of your company and employees.

Shop with us via THE STORE to find the products that authentically represent who you are and what you and your employees, colleagues and friends are about.



Focused on popular stories across a broad spectrum of industries and ones that our company is most passionate about, THE REVIEW centers around art, entrepreneurs, ventures, brands, products, people, marketing, advertising, news and events and presents them in a monthly blog and online magazine. We provide vetted and snack-able content in one monthly blog, curated from various sources. This way, you can read one source as opposed to many to get your monthly fix of lifestyle and overall news.

Print versions are currently in development.

THE REVIEW industries of focus are usually but not limited to: Health and Wellness, Hospitality, Music, Entertainment, Advertising, Branding, Venture Capital, Live Performances, Art and Culture, Causes, Philanthropy and sometimes even dare we say...Politics.



Our company deeply cares about the many causes that require immediate attention today and are aimed and focused on providing these causes with much needed visibility that directly lead to funding and ultimately affect change.

Our main causes of interest are aligned with community and social responsibility, food and hunger, agriculture, human and animal rights, and the protection and welfare of women, children and our universe as a whole. If we believe that it matters, we want to be involved and help in any way we can. A portion of our company profits are constantly being donated and utilized to aid these causes so you can rest easy knowing that your hard-earned dollars spent with us will always be utilized to contribute, not only to your success, but to the overall success of our immediate and future environment as well.

Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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