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How you look in a person is not solely as important anymore as how you look online. We'll help you look your best, online, all the time.

Think of us as your personal digital stylist and watch the magic happen!

Package includes:

1 Wordpress website of your choice with full back-end editing capabilities (hosting paid directly with hosting provider going forward)
All social media platform setup, tweaking and integration
SEO setup and integration
Google Analytics setup and integration
PCI Compliance and SSL security and setup (monthly security fee is paid directly with SSL going forward)

Think Shopify or another similar platform is the answer?

Are you under the assumption that it's cheaper and more manageable than going with us?


Shopify fees will be ongoing and amount to much more than ours over time. Basically, a short cut now will prove to be a long cut later-in more ways than one.

Their plans do not help set up or tweak your social media platforms and these are very important to increase the probability of your online success.

Spotify will ultimately own your content at the end of the day and that is valuable data in their hands instead of yours and could ultimately land in your competition's hands as well. Keep your data private and secure and on your own dedicated server. We'll show you how!

Even if you go wth them, you'll still have to spend the time to design and set everything up and as we know, time is money. This can be more frustrating and time consuming than you think. We take care of it all so you don't have to and either continue to do this with a monthly fee if needed, or simply train you and your staff on your editable back-end so you can just simply maintain all in-house and as often as you like.

Did somebody say editable back-end?

Their back end functionality is more complicated than you think. We set you up with an easy to use back-end interface so you don't have to call us (although you can!) or read help forums to switch out pictures or update products. More cost savings and less overall frustration leaves you with more time and money for success.

Our customer service team is always poised and ready to take your call and help you through anything you need so feel free to call us any time, but we have a hunch you won't even need to. We design your site and online presence with perfect autonomy and we know that you'll enjoy your newfound independence.

To put this all in financial perspective: our fee would ultimately amount to a monthly amount of $250 (which is much less than the $299 top tier Shopify option and only for a limited time as opposed to ongoing like theirs) to have us execute this for you, and you'll pay that for 12 months only (with zero APR if you use a new credit card or longer should you choose to pay a lesser amount over a longer time). After that, your monthly cost will completely fall away and all you'll have to pay is nominal annual fees for hosting and security (which are around equal to but probably even less than Shopify's lowest tier monthly option).

You'll have full control of your amazing top tier site and your data and that our friends is what we like to call “A NO BRAINER”!

Best thing to do is pay our one time fee and count your dollars from there as profit rather than an unnecessary expense, but monthly payments are always an option as well.

We hate to knock the competition and this not our goal here, but rather to educate consumers about the pitfalls of going with platforms that sell you on easy setup and “customer service”, only to trap you later. We love our customers and are here to protect and advise you on what is best for you, rather than just what is best for us.

Purchase online, and one of our skilled representatives will call you directly to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to delivering exceptional results for you and your business!

Payment plans are available so inquire within to get more information on this option.

All sales are final.